Rooted in the local community and embracing the transition of growth and new adventure, Sugar Spruce Baking Co. has been creating custom cookies and cakes with love, in small batches since 2013.

Owner of Sugar Spruce, Kristen Johnson-Slate has experience in pastry design and fine baking, but like most creatives, expresses her ideas in several different ways and has been working in the graphic design industry for years.

Kitchen hobbies became creative passions and business minds paved the way for a bakery that consistently produces custom treats that look and taste amazingly decadent.

Whether you’re planning a large scale event or would like a unique treat or gift, we at Sugar Spruce are ready to help make your experience a delicious and memorable one.

Want to work with us?

We’re always looking to collaborate with other local creatives and businesses; if you have an idea or project to pitch, we’d love to hear it! Email us at hello@sugarsprucebaking.com


The Sugar Spruce Pine is known to be one of the largest and strongest growing trees in the Pacific Northwest, attaining heights over two hundred feet with Sugar Pinecones larger than a foot. Because of its sheer size and uniquely larger than life cones, botanists describe the tree as one of the most majestic species in the world.

Abundant in Washington, Oregon and the California coastline, these trees have provided protection and nutrients for locals, past, present and future. The Sugar Spruce, similar in taste to Rosemary but more nutrient rich, can be used in many ways for both baking and culinary purposes as well as for medicinal healing and natural remedies.

Connecting our roots to the local community and our love for baking, Sugar Spruce Baking Co. brings forth their best strengths in quality and creativity with each and every project.